Find the best path to maximum profit from the sale of your home.

Avenue3 Realty can help you get top dollar for your home in the competitive Orange County and San Diego housing markets.

We’re not just real estate agents. We’re also highly experienced home improvement experts.

We’ll renovate houses for sale in San Diego and Orange County so you can not only sell your home quickly, but upsell it for the highest price.

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How do we get more for your house? Easy. We make it worth more.

If your home is perfect and all you need to do is put it on the market at the right price, we can help with that. But, to be honest, that’s usually not too challenging.

What’s challenging is deciding which changes or improvements to make to get maximum profit from the sale, without spending unnecessary dollars. The right renovations can increase your home’s value and that’s where Avenue3 Realty can help.

When you cross a realtor with a contractor, what do you get?
You get more money for your house.

Other realtors list your house. Avenue3 goes beyond your average real estate agent. We work with our team of trusted, licensed contractors to fix, paint, freshen, update, brighten, spruce up, modernize—then we sell your house. And you pay nothing for the improvements up front.

When your house sells, we earn commission and get repaid for any improvements. You keep any extra profit from the increased value.

Renovate houses for sale orange county
We’re highly experienced home improvement experts senior real estate agents san diego

Our Seller’s Assistance Program helps reduce financial stress:

  • Cash advances for rental expenses, moving fees and other transition costs
  • Help with mortgage payments
  • Equity advances before your home sells
  • Assistance with foreclosure prevention and distressed sales
  • No income qualification or credit check needed

When you sell your home at a higher price with Avenue3, you can use your earnings to offset closing costs, escrow fees, and other real estate expenses.

Work with the best real estate brokers in San Diego and Orange County in 3 simple steps:

First: We Assess

We go through your home with you and do a thorough assessment to decide which improvements will help return maximum profit.

Making the right decisions now helps create maximum profit for you.


Second: We Assist

We work with you to agree on which improvements to make (if any) and a budget. Then, we get to work. And because we have a stake in selling your home, we make sure our licensed contractors do quality work and complete it quickly.

Other realtors tell you what to fix.
We actually fix it.


Third: We Sell

While we're finishing any improvements, we work with you to develop a pricing and sales strategy to find the right buyer, so we can sell it fast.

We know how to increase the value of your home and maximize your profits.

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Renovations that cost nothing out-of-pocket.
A sale that puts more in your pocket.

The beauty of working with Avenue3 is that you can avoid investing precious dollars into a house you already want to sell. It’s our goal to sell your house as quickly as possible, for the best possible price.

We’ll invest our time and money in renovating houses for sale in Orange County and San Diego. Then, when a house sells, we earn our commission and get paid for the work we’ve done. And you keep the extra profit from the increased value of your home.

We don’t just stick a sign in your yard and hope your home sells. We invest in it with you—and we wait to get paid until the house sells.

Sell my house fast for cash orange county with Avenue 3
If you’d rather not remodel your home and you want to sell it, you’ll have an immediate buyer-county home buyers

Nobody says, “I’m really looking for a home with popcorn ceilings.”

If you’ve lived in your home for quite a few years, it’s normal for things to be outdated. We’ll modernize your home and maximize your profit. Think of Avenue3 as your local Southern California real estate experts—we know which improvements will make your home stand out in San Diego or Orange County.

But, if you’d rather not remodel your home and you want to sell it “as is,” you’ll have immediate fast home buyers in San Diego and Orange County.

Our Guaranteed Sale Program will guarantee an agreed-upon price for your home. If a better offer comes in, great. If not, you’re protected from having to accept a low-ball offer—we’ll buy it at the agreed price.

Learn more about our Process.

What if you need to help a parent with a home sale?

Taking care of an aging parent is stressful enough. If you’re helping with a home sale for a parent or senior relative, let us do the improvements so you can focus on family. We are the best senior real estate agents in Orange County and San Diego who can take care of the upgrades and updates, and your family will keep the profits from the increased value.

Avenue3 Realty can also help families manage the transition to an assisted living facility and the costs that come with that, so feel free to reach out to us if you need trusted senior relocation services in San Diego and Orange County.

Talk to us about how we can help with estate and probate sales, too.

If you’re helping with a home sale for a parent or senior relative, contact Avenue 3 san diego home buyers

Need help with estate and probate sales? Contact us today!

Your next question might be: Who are these people?

The people behind Avenue3 have over 85 years of combined experience working in California in the real estate renovation business.

The principals have been involved in over 350 renovations and sales since 2008. Now, we’re taking this proven concept to Orange County and San Diego. We’re also one of the leading real estate companies in Temecula, so reach out to us when you decide to put your property on the market. Also, if you even need reliable real estate brokers in Murrieta, we’re the right people for the job.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured:


California licensed brokerage with the Department of Real Estate (License 02057376)


California licensed general contractor (License 1049543)


Member of the Better Business Bureau (feel free to check us out)

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