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Avenue3 Realty’s “Update-Then-Sell” Real Estate Model Helps Close Baby Boomer/Millennial Housing Inventory Gap

A lack of existing housing inventory continues to fuel a strong seller’s market in Southern California. But recent market studies reveal that conflicting inter-generational market forces are also at play that exacerbate the issue and keep would-be buyers and sellers from their goals. In short, Millennials don’t want grandma’s fixer-upper and Baby Boomers are leaving…

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Avenue3 Realty Launches in Orange County, San Diego with Innovative Approach to Home-Selling That Boosts Home Value, Profitability

Avenue3 Realty announced today that it has launched in Orange and San Diego Counties with an innovative, three-step approach to home-selling that helps sellers find the best path to maximum profit on the sale of their home. The firm combines the services of veteran real estate listing agents with licensed building contractors to boost a home’s value so it sells faster and at a higher price, all without any out-of-pocket cost to the homeowner.

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