‘Tis the season for family gatherings, re-gifting fruitcakes and dodging contentious political debates over turkey dinners. As a result, the November-to-January holiday season has typically been considered the worst possible time of year to try to sell a home.

But the times, as they say, they are a changin’. Before discounting the value of selling your home during the holidays, you should consider a few factors that might challenge this conventional way of thinking.

  • One word: Technology – In today’s always-connected, technology-driven world, real estate has become much more of a year-round marketplace. Serious shoppers are always looking. In fact, online property searches actually spike during the holiday season, when potential buyers tend to have more downtime to browse listings and explore neighborhoods from the comfort of home (or the airport or wherever they find themselves).
  • Holiday Shoppers Mean Business – Yes, many of us would rather be thinking about stockings and pie at this time of year. But, those people who are actively house-hunting right now tend to be very serious, highly-motivated buyers. Perhaps they are relocating for a new job or have pressing family obligations requiring an immediate move. Either way, when they find the right home, they don’t dillydally. They pounce, ready to sign on the dotted line.
  • Sellers Benefit from Low Inventory – As we know, housing inventory in Southern California is already in very short supply. But as some nervous sellers put their plans on hold or delay new listings until after the holidays, the remaining homes on the market really stand out, creating even more leverage in this seller-driven market. Even homes that need a little TLC or that are located just outside of the most coveted neighborhoods can find suddenly themselves in a better position to make a sale when the competition bows out.
  • A Good Realtor Can Make It Stress-Free – Selling your home during the holiday season doesn’t necessarily mean that your plans for decorating, entertaining, traveling or hosting out-of-town guests need to change. A strong, experienced agent can help make the process as hassle- and stress-free as possible for you. From advising on ways to make your home feel festive and “homey” without distracting from its key selling features, to scheduling showings and open houses around your family’s plans, it can certainly be done and a strong, profitable holiday sale can be yours.

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