Take a look at some common questions we get asked.

What happens if the home doesn’t sell?

Before you sign the contract, we run a market analysis with properties in your neighborhood and review all comparable properties with you to agree on a price that is fair market value. Because we have a vested interest in the sale of your property, we work very hard to get your property sold for the right price quickly. We will work diligently with you to review all possible solutions.

How are funds repaid for the home improvement costs?

All funds are advanced by Avenue3 Realty and deferred until the property is sold. You do not have to pay out-of-pocket for any costs during remodeling.

If I am in financial hardship, and can’t afford my mortgage, bills and the costs of moving, then what?

We are a full-service company that is here to help alleviate the stress and financial hardship. As long as the property has sufficient equity, we are able to arrange for funds to help carry you through the process to ensure that you are taken care of. Our seller’s assistance varies from case to case, but we can help with a wide range of needs including mortgage payments, medical bills, deposits on your new home, moving expenses and other expenses that you may be facing.

What if my home doesn’t need renovation?

Many of our clients live in a home that is already in great condition and doesn’t need a lot of work. In selling your home, it is most important to ensure that when you list your home you capture buyers’ attention immediately. First impressions have a huge impact on the ability of a house to sell quickly. In most cases, even the most up-to-date homes have, at the very least, safety and code issues that need to be addressed. While most real estate agents may give you a list of items to do on your own—or may not even be aware of what issues need to be addressed—we are able to manage the process and take care of it, with no hassle to you.

How long will construction and repairs take?

Each property is evaluated on an individual basis and varies depending on the amount of work and repairs needed to have the property ready for sale. When we complete your home evaluation, we will give you a very detailed assessment of the needs and the timing. On average, renovations take three to four weeks from the date the construction begins.

Do we get a say on the colors, design, and finishes?

We work together with you to ensure that the end product is appealing to buyers and will get your home sold for the highest price. We have extensive experience in knowing the current market trends and the styles and finishes that buyers are looking for. Although we encourage your opinions, we also want you to trust that your Avenue3 team knows what it takes to get your home sold!

How do we decide on which improvements to make?

You will be provided with an extensive home evaluation that is based upon the recommendations of our experienced team. The recommendation will take into consideration your goals for the sale, the least amount of repairs and renovation needed to make your home appealing to buyers and maximize your profit, along with the market trends for recent sales. Working together with you, we determine the best and most cost-effective improvements to make.

What if we don’t agree on which improvements should be made?

We want you to be in agreement and happy with the entire process from start to finish, so you as the homeowner have the ultimate decision-making authority regarding which improvements will be made prior to the commencement of the contract and work starting.

Will I receive a copy of the repairs and pricing for repairs that you intend to make?

During our evaluation, you will be provided a detailed Scope of Work with Avenue3 Realty recommendations that will achieve the maximum profit from the sale of your home.

What if there are any issues with any of the work that has been done?

As a service to sellers, we warranty all work that we perform on your property for one year from the date home improvements have been completed.

That was a lot of questions! We’ve pretty much heard them all, but if you have any others, let’s talk—we’ll be happy to answer them.